Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bye bye wisdom teeth!


Tomorrow I go in to get my wisdom teeth removed. I am NOT looking forward to this at all. AT. ALL. I'm sure many of you can relate.

What else am I not looking forward to? A substitute in my class on day 10. I feel like someone might get locked in a closet or something...not really, but you know....worse case scenario.

We made an anchor chart today about behavior with a guest teacher, so hopefully that helps. However, I just worry that routines and procedures aren't 100% in place yet.

Thinking positively, I know they will try their very best! We'll see how it goes!

On a completely unrelated note, I have something cute to share. On the first day of school we did a 3-2-1 Organizer about "My First Day of Fourth Grade." They had to share 3 things that went well, 2 questions they had and 1 thing they were looking forward to. This one completely warmed my  heart:

I hope they keep being excited about coming each day! :-)

I'm guessing I might be a little MIA after the wisdom teeth ordeal, so everyone have a great 3 day weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Yay!! You've won the biggest battle...your kiddos are excited to come to school even after the first day!

    Good luck with your wisdom teeth today!! Remember, ice cream is the best medicine!

    Peacocks & Penguins

    1. Thanks Heather! I'm blog stalking like crazy, so I guess it went pretty well! Yay!



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