Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I've Been Boo-ed!

I'm feelin' the love people! I've been officially boo-ed! The lovely and talented Caitlyn at Fourth Grade Lemonade "boo-ed" me yesterday. :-)

If you haven't checked out her awesome 4th grade blog, you should hurry up and get over there. 
Fourth Grade Lemonade
Plus, she's having a 100 Follower Giveaway! {here}

If you've been boo-ed, click the picture to join the party at 2nd Grade Pad.

Here's how it works. When you get "boo-ed:"  
1. Choose a fellow blogger with MORE followers than you.
2. Choose another blogger with about the SAME number of followers.
3. Choose one more blogger with FEWER followers.
4. Show them some bloggy love by offering a goody from your store as a "treat."

And away we go!

First off, the blogger that has more followers than me. I am absolutely loving the ideas on Stephanie's blog, 3rd Grade Thoughts. She has some great printables and anchor charts that always make me say, "I'm going to try that!" Head over there and check it out!
3rd Grade Thoughts

Next, a blogger that has about the same number of followers. Cyndi at Lacy's Letters always has wonderful ideas and great pictures to go with. I also love that Cyndi blogs about other fun things, like her first year of marriage! Such fun to read!
 Lacy’s Letters

And lastly, a blogger who has fewer followers than me! My cousin-in-law, Crystal, just started her own blog last week! She teaches in a small town, and is blogging about her experiences. It's a great idea and I'm so excited to see her blog grow!

Any of these ladies is welcome to my one and only item in my TpT store! LOL

I just opened my TpT store, so head {here} to check out my Poetry Detectives Graphic's free!

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