Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Fun

Before I tell you about our day-before-winter-break fun, I need to know.

Have you checked out this awesome giveaway at The Peanut Gallery?
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What a great way to start the New Year! Amazing!
Ok, now on to some holiday fun! Every year our PTA gives us each $1 per student to make or buy a small ornament. Usually, my parents just buy an ornament that holds the child's picture. 
But this year, a fabulous mom in my room asked if she could come in and make an ornament with the class! Of course, I jumped for joy said yes. :-) 
She came the day before break, and brought these adorable kits from Oriental Trading.
Puzzle Piece Wreath Photo Frame Ornament Craft Kit
Click the picture if you want some for next year!
When they have their pictures taken each year, the company gives the teacher a little page with several sticky-back photos of each kid. We used those and they spent a little time making their adorable wreath ornament!

They were all excited to take them home and hang them on the tree. :-)

She also made these adorable reindeer cookies:
They were super cute AND delicious!

Overall, we had a pretty good day-before-loooong-break. I hope yours was successful too!

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