Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Finally {Monday} Made It!

I am feeling a bit ashamed over here folks. I love Tara's Monday Made It linky...I look forward to it every week! And I haven't linked up ONCE this summer.

Not once.

But, every dog has its day, right? And today is my day. I haven't been crafting away like I have done in the past, but I did make one thing. One little thing. But it's still a thing. And I made it.

So away we go!


I kept seeing adorable three drawer organizers all over the place. Like {here} and {here} and {here}.

I'm sure I am the last person on Earth to make one...but I love the idea and I think it might actually help keep the piles to a minimum.

Elizabeth from Fun in 4B made these adorable labels! And so I downloaded them from her blog {here!}

I printed out the labels on cardstock, and cut them out!

So, thanks to Elizabeth, I now have my organizer all put together and ready to go to school!

My {adorable} husband said, "Wait. Are you going to put the stuff to grade underneath? You know, since the pile is WAY too big to fit in that drawer?" Hardy-har-har. But I really do hate grading. It's terrible, I know.

Sooooo, there you have it! My first Monday Made It of 2013...I hope to do at least a few more before summer is officially gone. :-) 15 weekdays and counting...



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  2. Nichole! Thanks a bunch for your sweet comment on my blog about the Sight Word Zoo - I appreciate it because yes, I did work hard and yes I'm almost cross-eyed now! Time for a big long sleep!
    I am absolutely going to make one of those organizers all pretty...only I don't really do much grading, but I can definitely think of some categories. It's so worth the time because you'll enjoy that all year long! Love it!
    Whimsy Workshop

  3. Nichole,
    I HATE grading papers too! In fact, I think I'm going to do File, Copy and Return.


  4. Your organizer is soooo cute!! I also HATE to grade papers. I've gotten very careful about what work I give the kids so I don't have to grade any more than I have to. I'm not one of those teachers who has a bazillion grades in the grade book.

    Hooty's Homeroom

  5. That turned out super cute. Thanks for the link to the labels. I have been meaning to do something like this at school. I have the To Pay, To Do, To File system at home and love it. Don't know why I didn't so this sooner at school. Thanks for sharing...:)

    Blessing, Vicky
    Keep Calm & Imagine

  6. So excited I just found your blog - I am your newest follower via Bloglovin'! Come stop by if you get a chance :)
    The Sweetest Thing
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  7. I am not super fond of grading. I don't do a lot as the TL but sometimes I help with assessments for projects that we've done collaboratively in a classroom and the library. But not usually. So when I'm DISLIKING INVENTORY OR BUDGETING intensely I remind myself ... "Hey. At least it's not grading." ;)

  8. I am planning on making one of those ... but I think that instead of grade, I'm going to put "Laminate." No way my grading pile would fit in there either!

    1. That's a great idea! I'm so glad I'm not along in my grading woes!


  9. I would make one, except mine would have to save File, File, File. I hate filing!

    It matches your blog colors perfectly!



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