Sunday, October 13, 2013

An Apple A Day

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! I love how the days are sunny, but the air is crisp and cool. I love everything pumpkin and apple. Even though I know winter is just around the corner (my least favorite season), fall makes me happy!

One of my favorite things about fall are the fun activities we get to do at school! Every year, my mom comes to school and makes homemade crockpot applesauce with my class. :-) You can check out how it went last year {HERE}.

This year, the lady who usually supplies us with apples picked from her trees lost most of them in a hard freeze. Sad. :-(

But, my little kiddos stepped up and they brought their own apples from home! It actually turned out kind of cool since all their apples were different. Yay! :-)

Now. If you haven't read my previous post, you might be wondering how this is related to those dreaded Common Core standards.

I'm going to admit something here. Sometimes, I just don't care. They are kids and kids should have fun at school and making applesauce with their own two hands IS fun. I am a big proponent of doing crafty things and cutting with scissors and gluing things when necessary. I know. I'm a rebel. But it feels so good!

Here are some pictures of kids having fun making applesauce.

We used my fancy crank peeler to peel the apples...
and it turns them into apple curls! Fun!

Apple bits go into the crock pot...

with sugar and cinnamon...

lemon juice and water!
But I understand the world we live in. I know that, at any moment, an unannounced observation could happen and my peer evaluator could walk in and judge my every move. So, I try to have a plan. If nothing else, a back-up plan.

So, the plan is, while we make the applesauce we also write awesome poems about apples using our 5 senses. We use a graphic organizer to record those senses and then make our poems. Just to show off a little, we write the poems on die cut apples and display them in the room. :-)

Isn't he working hard??

5 Senses Graphic Organizer
They put their poems on a die-cut apple, colored them and hung them up!
We had a blast AND they wrote some great poems to boot.

My favorite quote from the day: "I love applesauce, but this is the BEST. APPLESAUCE. EVER."

If you think you might want to have some apple-icious fun with your class, you can download the graphic organizer and the recipe for applesauce from my TPT's free! Just click the picture below.

What's your favorite fall activity to do with your class?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Currently and Something New!

Good evening everybody!

I know I'm not the first to say it, but I can't believe that October is already here. Time is flying and it seems like I've been buried! So much has been here's a little Currently to get caught up.

Listening: I seriously LOVE this show! I was so excited to see that season 8 is finally on I'm staying up late watching AND blogging. I will probably regret it when the alarm goes off...but I just couldn't wait!

Loving: Isn't this new blog design so awesome???? Megan from Bird in Hand Designs and I Teach. What's Your Superpower? designed it for me. I absolutely love it! If you need a new blog design, she's the girl for you! Luckily for me she was super patient and sweet...and obviously talented!

Thinking: Maybe pizza wasn't the best choice? 'Nuff said.

Wanting: My husband and I just spent the weekend in was a great time! We watched our favorite hockey team (the Colorado Avalanche) WIN at Frozen Fury XV, spent some needed time relaxing by the pool and did a little shopping. I could use a couple more days!

Needing: Where's the magic grading wand? I'm sure it's under one of these piles somewhere....

Trick: I had a data analysis/planning day about two weeks ago, and then was out unexpectedly due to flooding on streets near my house. (It was crazy, but seems to be getting back to normal quickly in my neck of the woods.) Luckily, my class had already made a Guest Teacher Handbook to let any guest teacher read. It has all the important info they need to know - as decided by the students. They collaborated with a partner to create a page in the book and we illustrated it! It turned out so cool and I love how they explained the routines of our classroom. :-) Go third graders!

One last thing...don't forget to check out our new collaborative math blog One, Two Three: Math Time! Lots of great posts about many different topics in math!

Well, I guess that's about it! I hope that everyone is having a great week! And since it's technically Wednesday...