Sunday, November 10, 2013

Late to the Party

Even though it's November 10, I'm still hopping on the Currently train! This blog has been neglected, and I have more to post about, but I'm just going to post quickly tonight. :-)

Listening: My favorite character is Louise...she cracks me up!

Loving: We took the dogs for a beautiful walk today - with NO jackets!

Thinking: I really want to do some more things for TPT...we are getting more and more into math workshop, so once I test some things with my kiddos, hopefully I can get them up there!

Wanting: Who knew third graders brought the drama? So. Much. Drama.

Needing: The independent work the kids are doing is getting old...we need fresh activities for practice! If you have something awesome, let me know!

Yummy Pin: This is as yummy as it is easy! We love it over noodles. It's called Chicken with Creamy Mushrooms...delicious! You can click the pic for my pin or {here} for the actual link.
Recipe for Chicken With Creamy Mushrooms
Ok. There it is...late, but still fun! Stay tuned later this week for a fun giveaway!


  1. That chicken dish looks yumm-o! I wish you a drama free week:)

  2. When I subbed, I always thought the 3rd Graders were the most dramatic until I subbed for 7th. What a saint you must be :)

  3. Ooh, Colorado weather sounds wonderful! I don't think I could ever teach 3rd. I see all my old students that are now in 3rd grade for a few minutes each morning, and they bring plenty of drama just in those few moments! Hope you have a great week!


  4. Don't worry, I am later than you in jumping on the Currently train this month. Your post made me wish I was in Colorado too. We have snow here in New Hampshire and I am not enjoying it yet one bit.


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