Friday, May 30, 2014

Tumbleweed Storm Threatens Drought-Stricken Colorado

Hah! I crack myself up...

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  1. Your comment reminded me that I saw this post on my phone and meant to comment. But it was late and I was half sleep-reading at the time (but I did sleep giggle at the pic and it's meaning). My sis and nieces and nephew (brother-in-law's in Afghanistan) have been in Colorado Springs for two years and I haven't seen their place. Apparently we will be driving up to Pike's Peak and Garden of the Gods and attempting some mile of straight up stairs that Just. Might. Kill. Me. I am so out of shape. Should be awesome! I've only driven through corners of CO before. So pretty. I went to college in Provo, UT so I love the Rockies.


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