Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fun Times Ahead - CO Blogger Meet Up!

How was your April Fool's Day?? Mine was pretty uneventful actually.

Except that I *may* have convinced a pretty good percentage of my class that today was March 32nd.

For the WHOLE. DAY. Like, they were writing it on their papers and having spirited conversation convincing people that March 32nd was definitely a REAL thing.

I think some of them were crushed when I finally came clean. They couldn't believe that I fooled them! Some of them had a look of real relief on their faces - like everything was right in the world again. I love 5th graders!

As fun as April Fool's Day was, it also means that it is already APRIL. As in the craziest time of the year is right around the corner. The LAST day of school is next month. I can't believe that it is April already.

Luckily, my friend Ashley from Teaching In Bronco Country had a great idea to give us all something fun to look forward to!

We are having a Colorado Blogger Meet Up! I can't wait!

Are you a Colorado blogger, TPT'er, Instagram-er or blog-stalker?? If you are, then come and join us on May 30th! It will be a fun time to meet new people, eat delicious food and get some awesome stuff!! (Think: SWAG BAG!) Oh yeah, and there will even be a raffle with prizes!

What: Colorado Blogger Meet Up
When: May 30 @ 12:00
Where: Rio Grande Restaurant - Park Meadows

Check out this Google Form to give us your details and RSVP! We can't wait to meet everyone!!

OH! I almost forgot...we will also have a Favorite School Supply Exchange! Bring your favorite can't-live-without-it school supply for a White Elephant style exchange.

So...if you are a part of the Colorado blogging world, fill out the Google Form, spread the word to others, and come have a blast on May 30th!


  1. Ummm.... I love the April Fools Day idea! Can you do a post about how you tricked them? Like what did you do to convince them? TOO funny!

    1. I saw it somewhere online, but I will find it and do an update! It was so funny!



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