Saturday, November 28, 2015

TPT Wishlist Linky

True confessions: I've never been out shopping on Black Friday. I know there's deals. I know people think it's fun. But all I have to think about is crushing throngs of people and I want to crawl under the covers.

Cyber Monday on the other hand? That's my kind of sale. Buying stuff from the comfort of my house, by myself, and still getting a great deal makes me want to get my clicking finger in good shape!

I know I'm getting my TPT wishlist ready to go so I can shop, shop, shop on Cyber about you? I'm linking up with Jen from Teaching in the Tongass to share some of the top wishlisted items from my store (and some things I can't wait to buy)!

Here are the top three wishlisted items from my store along with some of the comments left by customers:

This product is also part of a money-saving bundle with Triangles: Shape Sort with Shape Cards!

Earlier this year, this product was featured in a product swap I did with Kelly from An Apple for the Teacher. Check out her blog post to see what she had to say about it!

This is a great product to help students practice how to write a great response to a question!

Here are a few things on my personal wishlist:

I can't wait to get these cards! My kids need some reminders to use mathematical vocabulary in their writing and these will be perfect.

These look like the perfect way to challenge my students! Fractions will be coming up soon, and I am looking forward to getting these challenges in front of my students.

What's on your wishlist for the big sale Monday and Tuesday? Don't forget to load up that cart and then use the special code SMILE to get an extra 10% off your total!

Monday and Tuesday my whole store will be on sale for 20% off, including brand new products AND bundles, so make sure you click over and stock up!

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  1. Hi Nichole! Thank you for linking back to the linky and for this post! Love it!


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